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Creative Factory

1 Continuous product development on the STGen configurations aimed at:

• Upgrading for efficiency and reliability of the current systems by using and introducing new materials (carbon & graphite) and advanced components (magnetic gearboxes).
• Advanced Operating & Monitoring tools for ease of use, control and unattended operations both local as well as remote.
• Saving of weight and volume within current product-lines to obtain transportability; flexibility and ease of maintenance/replacements.

2 Development of integrated system environments:

• By using pre-defined “building blocks” realization of integrated equipment and housing units which can be replicated and configured.
• Full embedded wiring, piping, mounting, isolation, safety, operations and monitoring environment.
• Transportable power plants in the range of 5MW-50MW that can be assembled and disassembled (or extended) in two weeks’ time. Shipping in 40ft  containers. Fit for distributed generation.

3  Research and proof of concept on electrical-magnetic generation units.

• Proof of concept in the 15kW-150kW range of stand-alone generators that show a positive energy balance.

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