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Structure & Relations

Business Practises

E2E is an associative group of companies acting under the E2E brand name, fully dedicated towards its mission of supplying green energy and clean water.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, each of the affiliated or subsidiary companies can act independently. Group relationships are by minority or majority shareholding or license agreements.

Within the group specific areas are regulated and co-ordinated centrally. Product development & research is one; next to Education & training, Financing and Product monitoring & control.

E2E is strongly oriented towards local economy and society; highly diversified in the use of its technologies; managed by people that understand that their function is temporarily only. E2E is value oriented instead of profit driven.

Core Values & Practises E2E
"In value we share"

license based-use/usage


ownership-balance sheet

added value sharing


profit optimization

asset management


capital expenditure

end user objective



long term user relation


year to date sales

continuous upgrade/update


stationairy use-maintenance

value to user community


price list

happiness & challenge


headaches & worries

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